In Japanese food culture, appetizers are served with main courses. Our different appetizer has its unique homemade sauce which makes the appetizer very delicious, and you always have unforgettable tasting experience of Japanese home made sauce.

  • Char Siu Pork Bun

    • 3.50

    1pc steamed bun lettuce, roasted pork belly, Japanese mayo & housemade sauce.

  • Fried Chicken Bun

    • 3.50

    1pcs steamed bun, lettuce, fried chicken, Japanese mayo, house made sauce

  • Fried Fish Bun

    • 3.50

    1pc steamed bun, lettuce, fried white fish, with eel & spicy mayo sauce

  • Crab Jalapeno

    • 6.45

    Deep fried Jalapeno, cream cheese, crab meat with house special sauce

  • Edamame

    • 4.45

    Fresh soy bean with house blended sea salt

  • Sweet Potato Fries

    • 4.45

    Deep fried sweet potato, waffle cut

  • Gyoza

    • 5.95

    6pc Pan fried pork with veggie stuffing with house special sauce

  • Calamari

    • 5.95

    Deep fried ring squid with sweet spicy sauce

  • Harumaki

    • 4.95

    3pcs Deep fried veggie stuffing with sweet spicy sauce

  • Chicken Wing

    • 5.95

    Deep fried chicken wings with housemade (choice of spicy or hirata sauce)

  • Rosted Char Siu

    • 4.95

    3pcs Rosted pork belly with housemade sauce

  • Takoyaki

    • 5.95

    Deep Fried Octopus dumpling japanese mayo tonkatsu topping with bonito flakes.